Realistic Tests Right On Your Computer

The exam day can easily become stressful. Our simulated test environment is designed to get you familiar with the actual test platform long before you step into it, keep you relaxed and help you score maximum marks.

Indistinguishable Content

Our mock tests and study material aids the complexity of the actual test itself. You’ll always keep building your skills to the required level. In essence, when you train with Hope4Best Prep, you’ll always know what you can expect at the exam centre.

Support At Every Step

At Hope4Best Prep, there are many ways to accelerate learning. Attend live training every week and master difficult topics in less than an hour. One-to-one mentoring sessions give you the opportunity to clarify nagging questions with experienced trainers.



How It Works


Pre-course Assessment

Immediately after you sign up for a course, you take a pre-course assessment to have a clear understanding, for yourself, to mark your current skills. This is done purely to measure your improvement after the course and to keep as a reference point in the future.

Concept Builders

Pick and choose topics that you don’t know anything about or would like to understand better. The lessons are bite-sized, allowing you to finish in around 20-30 minutes each. To make sure you understand the concepts well, each lesson contains plenty of practice tests.

Mock Tests

Take multiple mock tests and know for yourself which areas need more focus. Each mock test is graded at the same level of the actual test by an experienced instructor. Mock tests will reflect the most probable test score you can expect on the actual test day.

Live Webinars & Mentoring Sessions

Supplant your learning with focused and interactive live webinars that are conducted every week. As a member, you also get one-to-one access to your instructors to clear all doubts about any part of your course.

You’re Prepped!

Now that you’ve undergone a rigorous training plan from Hope4Best Prep, you can enter into the exam hall feeling fully confident and capable that you will crack it in style.