Corporate Counselling

As the name suggests, corporate counselling is provided by the corporate to the employees. It is also called professional counselling or workplace counselling. Corporate counselling aims at reducing the stress levels of employees and help them choose a better lifestyle by making healthier choices.

Corporate professionals go through a high level of stress to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Some people find it easy to juggle between home and work or between family and profession, while some fail to maintain a balance between both. This can lead to high level of stress and anxiety. This can also bring down self-confidence or ability of multitasking.

Many professional reasons can also to high stress. Below are a few reasons that one might face at workplace-

  • Approaching deadline
  • Sales target
  • New team or management
  • Challenging role
  • Long office hours leading to stress in personal relations, especially with spouse
  • Fatigue
  • Competition
  • Harassment

These issues can lead to more issues like-

  • Lack of concentration
  • Anxiety before meeting
  • Self-doubt
  • Depression
  • Declining performance
  • Careless mistakes
  • Health issues

To help employees, overcome any such issues, corporates offer professional counselling. Counselling can help management understand the office environment and employee’s mindset. This can help both individuals and corporates progress further. It can help employees regain interest and work towards the growth of the company.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program is a professional counselling service offered by the corporates to their employees. It is a strictly confidential program between the counsellor and employee. It helps employee express or share their fear or stress without hesitation. If the employee wishes, then the EAP services can also be provided to the immediate family. It helps in reducing stress in personal lives, present due to professional stress.

Conflict Resolution

Under conflict resolution, counsellor helps in resolving a conflict between two employees or between management and employee. These conflicts may arise due to the difference of professional opinion between the two parties. Reason for conflict can either be a difference of professional opinion or a management decision to which the employee do not agree or thinks that the decision can harm his professional goals.

Skill Development

A corporate try to understand employee’s skill and potential by skill development counselling. To recognise employee skill, companies form sets of relevant question which are more phycological in nature. The answers by the employees are then carefully evaluated. Based on the evaluation, management then provides proper training to the employees. This helps them recognise their own talent and move up the professional ladder.

Professional counselling helps both the organization and the employee.

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